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Get the training you need to validate your efforts.

When you collaborate with MEC, you get more than engineers; you get educators. Our focus is on turning your leaders, managers and support teams into experts by continuously transferring knowledge through regulations and validation training, mentoring and execution. Through this process, your company’s employees can arrive at sustainable solutions more easily on their own. This ‘Education First’ approach can have a tremendous impact companywide — across operations, receiving, inspections, compliance, manufacturing, logistics, distribution and warehousing. Most importantly, it strengthens structure and creates flexibility for your pharmaceutical or medical device company that unites cross-functional teams while driving progressive improvement.

You know where your finish line is and what’s at stake.

It’s getting there that’s the challenge — and all those validations and regulations can make you feel like you’re running in quicksand. Medical Engineering Consultants can help you create a straight-line path to achieving your goals by setting standards that evolve systems into fuller, more robust quality systems, geared towards accelerating growth. This includes expert hands-on regulated environment training at every level — from leadership skills and management mentoring to process validation, complaint handling and remediation to FDA compliances and submissions.

What’s your missing knowledge link?

Whether it’s engineering services or staffing, Medical Engineering Consultants offers a variety of training classes and workshops designed to put your teams in a better position to take preventative or corrective action. Most importantly, you’ll be improving your data-centric decision-making capabilities through engineering excellence that standardizes processes, deliverables, training and strategies.


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