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MEC Vision

The Know-How to Know How

Medical Engineering Consultants makes medical device and pharmaceutical companies smarter by providing knowledge and expertise they do not currently hold. Our vision is to take preventative and corrective action and create a roadmap for ongoing future improvement by identifying, integrating and executing sustainable solutions that validate processes, ensure fully compliant quality systems and close gaps between current and FDA expected stages.

MEC accomplishes these goals by inspiring positive cultural change from within and leaving businesses in a better place than originally found by sharing ownership of their problems while educating through mentoring, executing and best-in-class training.

Take advantage of a world vision designed to validate business vision.

If you are competing globally or regionally, partner with a company whose world vision reaches across North America, South America, the Middle East and the Far East. MEC provides more than engineering contracting, consulting and recruiting solutions. We get companies to the finish line in their quest to produce pharmaceutical products and medical devices that improve — and save — lives.

More knowledge. More agile.

MEC is small enough to be approachable and accessible, large enough to handle the most complex projects, and smart enough to help save companies tens of millions of dollars.

In addition to Medical Engineering Consultants, our parent company also advises organizations in such industries as food, automotive, construction, and software. No other engineering consulting, contracting and recruiting firm offers the kind of strategic support created by the strength of our combined companies.

Whether your vision requires expertise for a specific phase or a total turnaround strategy for any product being cited by the FDA, think MEC.

Sole Source Solution for Engineering, Compliance, Logistics and Marketing.