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WANTED: Thinkers and Doers

By definition, you may be an engineer. However, at Medical Engineering Consultants, our engineers are also entrepreneurs, visionaries and innovators. Employment candidates will find that no-nonsense, get-the-job-done types fit in well at MEC.

MEC leadership is committed to growing our company — and our customers — as fast as possible. That starts by designing a 7-Year Growth Plan based on who you are and where you want to go. Then, we help you get there.

Be the right body, not just any body.

Many recruiting agents treat candidates as a piggy bank with a focus on commission rather than commitment. Instead, Medical Engineering Consultants provides a career platform for engineers by being part of a company consisting of seven diversified businesses spanning four continents. Medical devices and pharmaceuticals is only one of MEC’s specialty niches. Cross-training, learning and advancing in our other specialty industries also provide additional rewarding career opportunities.

Discover your launch-pad into a world of connected possibilities.

At Medical Engineering Consultants, you will be given the freedom to treat projects as your own. There are no dead-end jobs or levels of corporate bureaucracy at MEC. Any engineer — at any level of experience — will find fertile ground to apply high-level business thinking, creativity and advanced technical skills to excel in the corporate world. Being part of a global team, getting involved with a start-up and creating new technologies or products are just some of the opportunities that abound at MEC.

If you are looking for a work environment that will never makes you feel like hired help, pursue a position that adds meaning to your life while improving the lives of others. Apply now!

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