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Sometimes, change needs to be engineered.

Many firms peddle talent. As a major niche recruiter in the medical device and pharmaceutical industries, what differentiates Medical Engineering Consultants is the business vision behind the talent. Being part of a diversified parent company whose influence spans seven different industries across four continents translates to capabilities, services, solutions and access to an elite pool of professionals most recruiting firms can’t come close to matching.

Big enough to operate globally, small enough to function like a boutique.

Working side-by-side with hiring managers is at the heart of all MEC relationships. Delivering people isn’t the driving force. Defining actual needs and then connecting top manufacturers with top professionals for those parameters is the priority. Bringing it home through a proprietary assessment of seven skill sets and characteristics for success is a testament to how deep MEC drills down to solve the specific needs of companies looking for specialty expertise and know-how.

The mindset of being an entrepreneurial business incubator combined with problem-solving engineering solutions is how MEC helps any FDA-regulated company — whether a startup or a big player — excel in the short-, long- or now-term.

With each individual come the capabilities of a whole team.

Is your company struggling to find qualified talent? Are you spending a fortune on relocations? It takes a dynamic and closely linked business world to harness the power of shifting needs in the fast-moving medical device and pharmaceutical industries. Welcome to MEC’s world.

Move faster. Move forward. But don’t make another move before you contact MEC.

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