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Everyone Needs Medical Engineering Consultants.

MEC is a full service medical device company that takes your product from initial concept through supply chain and distribution. Learn more about MEC.

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Agile: Speed to Market

Focused project managers and teams ensure that your project is always a priority. We are driven and guided by customer needs not corporate goals.

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Trusted Quality

Best in class Quality Management System honed through many years consulting with major multinationals in remediating and leaning their quality systems.

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Long Term Cost Benefits

By truly understanding cost of quality throughout each step of design, manufacture and distribution, from day one we are focused on getting the right product into the customers hands at the right price.

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Only need assistance in a part of your business? No problem!! Through our consulting arm we have all levels of engineers, project managers and regulatory experts available to help you.

Consulting, Staffing & Offshore Solutions
Research & Development
Regulatory & Compliance

MEC Consulting, Staffing and Offshore Solutions.

For starters, MEC helps medical device and pharmaceutical companies expand compliance capabilities while boosting productivity and performance. Your company also gets the micro and macro knowledge you require — without delay. Whether your compaines a qualified project manager for a year or a graduate student for a month, you don’t need just another body. You need the right body at the right price. Medical Engineering Consultants offers your company now-term, near-term or long-term support — from high-end leaders, managers and consultants to low-end skill-set staff.

Through years of expertise, mentorship, and resource building, Medical Engineering Consultants has created a method for capitalizing on the cost savings offered by working with offshore teams without losing the expertise and benefits of U.S.-based engineering experts. Our offshore engineers are recruited, trained and mentored by U.S. engineers, resulting in U.S.-level talent at a fraction of the cost.

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We take the risk off your hands.

You cannot afford to burn time and money in your development process but you also cannot take risks with patient safety or manufacturability of your design. Let MEC balance this equation by ensuring that your product is developed, tested and documented in a fully compliant manner while hitting project milestones.

We have experts across all mechanical, electrical, software and materials disciplines to meet your entire needs. Coupling our design expertise with our design control, design transfer and scale up industry leaders guarantees your success.

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Our goal is to save you money.

All our manufacturing lines are designed upon lean principles and our teams are driven to meet ongoing continuous improvement goals to increase your quality and reduce your cost. We believe and have proven, that building quality into product reduces overall cost and potential client/patient issues.

If you are looking for custom component work or full top assembly, talk to us about our capabilities and how we can help you reach your goals.

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Confront confusion and chaos caused by compliance challenges.

Medical Engineering Consultants conducts compliance, and regulatory rules issues investigations and identifies inefficiencies that provide customers peace of mind and increase profitability. For medical device or pharmaceutical companies, that translates to critical support for governing everything from supplier quality and manufacturing distribution to handling complaints — all while coordinating the day-to-day adherence to hundreds of FDA and International regulations and processes.

By combining mechanical expertise with medical device knowledge, you can more efficiently validate processes, uncover and isolate compliance system gaps between current and FDA expected requirements, and reverse shortcomings or holes that are causing your processes and systems to function below standard.

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Global Thinking With Laser-Focused Local Execution.

Medical Engineering Consultants is affiliated to both mecDevice Pharma International (mecDPI) and Dynamix International Group (DIG). DIG a 100 million dollar a year company with over 300 employees worldwide.

mecDPI is headquartered in South Florida with extensive global business relationships. With over 200 employees dedicated to sales and sales support, we are able to design the perfect solutions for manufacturers worldwide.

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